The Gathering of Friends, Volume II

The Gathering of Friends, Volume II

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LET'S MAKE FOOD YOUR LOVE LANGUAGE, is Volume Two in this unusual series of cookbooks. Volume Two stands alone, filled with hundreds of recipes that are tried and true.

A wide variety of delicious evening meals fill five weeks of creative menu planning that will breath new life into your families regular meal schedule.

Additional chapters feature Effortless Dishes; which includes easy ingredients to have on hand anytime to create these meals in about 30 minutes, Delicious Savory Appetizers, Simple Garden Fresh Salads, Easy Hearty Soups from the Kitchen, and Enchanting Desserts. Each chapter makes this cookbook a splendid addition to every home.

Entice your family to return to the table often using our delicious recipes from the free Recipe page. Start with our Cream of Mushroom Soup, Honey Glazed Walnut Rolls, and our delicious Sweet and Sour Chicken with Strawberry Greens.

This will give you just a hint of what is in our Volume Two of The Gathering of Friends!

Gather and enjoy!